SingSongAlong began when Andy started teaching. Teachers in his school would ask if he had a song for their topic and before the day was out Andy had written it with one of his classes. He then found BB who is also a music teacher, but also a professional vocalist and actress. Together they decided to help children all around the world to sing. 


Vocals, Band, Video Production

The voice and editor/producer extraordinaire of SINGSONGALONG! :) 


Composer, Vocals, Band

Andy  set up his first jazz band when he was 13- after his first pop/rock band's debut single 'boys of the world' only got to 467 in the charts back in 1989. He then formed a funk band, put on a wig to play guitar solos on the keyboard in a heavy metal band, and when they split up (and he had finished his a-levels) he decided to go on tour to australia, where he ended up helping kids learn music at a school in Brisbane. After jamming with the big 5 in africa, he came back to the uk to study music at york university where he played a number of different instruments in a number of different bands. All of them appalling in their own unique and special way. (he was principally a clarinet and sax player at the time - but he likes to keep that a secret...) He has always written songs for lots of different groups and singers, and played in orchestras, big bands, sung in choirs, performed in musicals and worked with children of all shapes, ages and sizes. He has recorded with a number of rich and famous artists in a number of exciting, bit posh and expensive looking studios over the years. Amongst them include: MORCHEEBA (with whom he also toured the world a number of times playing live for over 7 years), the BLUETONES (who he also played live for for a few years), MARK MORISS (ditto), the fabulous icelandic star EMILIANA TORRINI (ditto ditto), POLLY PAULUSMA (") KATHRYN WILLIAMS ("") JONATHAN JEREMIAH, GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY, JOEL EDWARDS, DEEPEST BLUE and he even played with AMY WINEHOUSE once in a session in acton. He has performed on TV and radio numerous times, and has toured the globe playing to large and small audiences alike- from 50,000 at festivals, to his mum and dad in Hertfordshire. He is now a full time primary school teacher in east London, and also writes children's stories. He has written primary and secondary school musicals, and is planning to build a shed in his garden this summer to put his telescope and all his broken musical instruments in. He used to play squash and hockey for his county as a kid, and was in all the sports teams at school. He loves to travel, and to stay where he is. He also likes to contradict himself. He thinks.


But most of all he also likes to talk about himself in the third person (in a mildly irritating self-deprecating manner), so he says goodbye, and he hopes you like his songs.


Music Production, Vocals, Instruments, Band

Ian Kellett has been playing the guitar since he was 14. By 16 he even had a guitar amplifier, and he was unstoppable. However he stopped after playing lots of heavy metal in rural village halls to tiny audiences with their fingers in their ears. So he packed his bags and headed to the bright lights of London and studied a Music Technology Degree to broaden his skills. It was here that he encountered the early binary computer and the birth of the software that would later help him record Bracken and Andy some 15 years into the future. 

He programmed hiphop for up and coming West London rappers,  recorded indie bands to analogue tape and collected other peoples unwanted dusty recording equipment that would wield strange and powerful sonic results.

A position arose playing guitar for Iceland’s Emiliana Torrini which lead him to perform with her band in venues all over the world and eventually encounter her pianist, one Andy Nunn.

During those 15 years he shared hotel rooms across the globe with Andy and they played chess in almost every coffee shop in the world. Andy normally wins but Andy also gets more upset when he loses so it was always worth Ian persevering for that effect.

Ian extended his musical repertoire of instruments from guitar to Pedal Steel, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukelele, Bass, Drum Kit, Piano, Double Bass, Onmi Chord, Synths, drum Machines, Ocarina etc.

And he went on to collaborate and share a stages with artists such as Guy Garvey, Cerys Matthews, Suggs, Ed Hardcourt, Liela Moss, Terry Hall, Sarah Cracknell, Nellie Hooper, John Illsley , Tim Burgess, Lou Rhodes, Ed Laurie, Gary Lucas, John Niven, Mark Ronson, Damien Rice, Amy MacDonald and many more.


He now runs a studio in West London writing and recording music with new artists, composing music for film & TV, teaching School Of Rock to secondary school musicians, and capturing and mixing the sounds of SingSongAlong.


Who is he really??


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