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A New Beginning

So the end of the summer holiday blues is just starting to take effect. And I don’t know about you, but this wonderful weather seems to be multiplying the dread. What will my new year-group be like? What will my new class be like? Will the sun keep shining until Christmas holidays when I can book a holiday to somewhere in the southern hemisphere...?

Bracken recording new beginning

Well I can’t help you with the weather or holidays, but I might have a song that could help you with the other bits. Over the summer I have written and recorded a new tune with Bracken called A NEW BEGINNING. It focuses on how to make a fresh start, ideas for encouraging children to come up with their own class rules with you, and challenges everyone to promise to try and stick to them until the end of the year.

To help your children learn it we’ve put together a lyric-only video so that you can all sing along with Bracken and myself, and start the new academic year off with a catchy tune, which you can refer to if some of your new faces require an extra bit of encouragement to remember your rules. You might even manage to forget how nice this summer has been, and stop wallowing too much in those dastardly summer holiday blues! (There may be a song for sad teachers v happy parents in there...)

We believe the teaching with music makes kids and teachers happier - so we wrote this song for you and for them. Enjoy and let us know how it goes!

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