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Hottest first week back at school in history, ever, since records were even invented…

Well I don’t know about you, but this first week back has been muggy, sweaty and HOT HOT HOT! Which unfortunately is making me miss the summer holidays even more… Luckily my Key Stage 1 and 2 music assemblies tried out the NEW BEGINNINGS song, which they seemed to really enjoy learning together. (I even caught a couple of teachers singing along too from the side-lines!) However, their energy only seemed to heat up the main school hall even more. At my school we have assemblies in the afternoon, so I have been getting pretty toasty up front with my ukulele and piano this week. I have asked the children to petition the Head and Governing body to build us a nice out-door swimming pool, but I have a feeling that might take some time. So, in the meantime, here’s a little offering that might help cool you and your children down in this glorious Indian summer we see to be experiencing.

ANTARCTICA is our latest video to help chill you and your children out. Sung by our Canadian explorer Bracken, the song explores the geography and life on the pole, and also introduces the effect of global warming on the seemingly ever shrinking continent. For those of you who may be doing Antarctica as a topic, this song is ideal for your class to perform to their families in their class assemblies, and it has been a regular feature of my singing assemblies for both key stage 1 and 2 for a while now.

If any of you have requests for topics that you’d like me to write a song for, please get in touch through the website. We’re going to try to release one new song video every week up to Christmas, and we’ve only got half of them done, so get your requests in, and if we choose your subject you will get free backing track!

Now, I’m off to have a glass of water and turn the fan on in my room before I teach year 4 the xylophone part to the new FRENCH SONG… see you next week.


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