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Re: requested recycling reminder resource

Happy nearly-mid-way-through-half-term teachers! It’s nice to see a bit of the sunshine, but thankfully this time without the melted whiteboards and fainting children. I met up with some of the new members of the student council at my school, and they raised a concern that very shortly after recycling week earlier this month, most people seem to have forgotten about recycling, both in and out of school. I followed this up with my colleagues and decided that I had no choice. A song had to be written. To save the planet. And fast! So I hastily put pen to paper, finger to piano, nails to scalp (for creative head-scratching purposes), and fist to ukulele, to write a little recycling song to help reinforce and reiterate some of the things that we seemed to have so swiftly forgotten about.

I am happy to say that since writing it 50% of the amazon rainforest has been saved, international fracking programs have all but stopped, no one in the world is hungry, all children on the planet are suitably clothed, and global warming has reduced by 60%. …Well, maybe not yet – but I have noticed children singing the song (with their very own actions) and they seem to be remembering to fill up the paper recycling boxes in every room here. We are even remembering to keep our banana peels after morning break to make compost with too!

Hope you like the song – it goes down well in KS 1 and 2 assemblies for me, and is easy to play on the ukulele or piano if you know any instrumentalists. Just get in touch via the questionnaire if you want some chords etc. I look forward to continuing the earth-saving theme with next weeks’ video release. Scroll down to see the lyrics for the recycling song - hope you like it! Speak soon,



We’ve got a problem

We chuck a lot away

There’s too much trash

We’re running out of space,

We waste lots of paper

Destroying the trees

Throwing out plastic

That’s spoiling the seas

We’ve got to fill our bins, with recycling

Sort our rubbish, and use it again (x2)

There are many children

With nothing to wear

If we recycled

They’d be happier,

Re-use bottles

Don’t drip a drop

Share old books

And fill flower pots

We’ve got to fill our bins, with recycling

Sort our rubbish, and use it again (x4)

Use it again

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