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I admit it. I’ve started dreaming of summer holidays already. I know they only ended a few weeks ago, but I can’t stop thinking about the seaside. And I had a dream about going snorkeling (one of my favourite activities). I was going to have sushi the other night to try to satisfy my oceanic urges, but all the recent images of microbeads on fish have put me off. In fact most of the clips I see online, on the news or in papers, seems to be really negative, so I had a little think and decided – what does the world need…?

And you guessed it, I came to the conclusion that what the world needs is to sing a song about the Sea! But not just any song, one that encapsulates the joys and the sorrows of the world under the waves. So after talking doing a bit of research (mainly looking at old holiday photos and getting depressed about the forthcoming winter) I started strumming and this little sea shanty popped out.

It is more of a Key Stage 2 song (there are some pretty long words in there, and quite a lot of them…) but my Key Stage 1 singing assembly also sings it very well – so please take the chance to take your children on a trip to the Ocean through the medium of song. Hopefully the video will help bring the song to life and help you all dream of the summer that is just around the corner. (Let’s not talk about the coldest winter on record that is apparently looming in the way…)

As discussed last week, this song not only takes us on an exciting journey into the world below the waves using lots of key vocabulary, but it also highlights issues of pollution, over-fishing, trawling and the effect of oil spills. So enjoy, discuss the issues, and give any feedback through the questionnaire on the website - and remember to split your group in half for the echo in the chorus to make it sound truly magical! Happy swimming and singing, and I’ll see you next week.




Underneath the surface of waves and light

Deep in the depths are surprises and delights

Dangerous creatures and beautiful sights

Miles and miles down where there’s no sunlight

There are scaly fish with gills to breathe

Dolphins and whales have lungs like you and me

Octopus and jellyfish, plankton and weed

A whole wide world down under the sea

So come with me, explore the sea

Swimming free, weightlessly

But we have a taste for the fruits of the sea

Make no mistake they are nice and healthy

But we must take care & not get carried away

Or we’ll lose the world that lives under the waves

Coral reefs are cities for millions of fish

Fishermen destroy them to feed the rich

When big ships capsize their poison spills

And life on the surface gets really ill

So come with me, explore the sea

Swimming free, weightlessly (x2)

Under the sea (repeat out)


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