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Happy Halloween

...A reason not to be sad about the end of the half term holidays - it's haaalllooowweeeennnn!!

So, Bracken has been hassling me to write a Halloween

song, and I eventually capitulated. I must admit that a lot of the children I spoke to knew more about Halloween than I did - so this song is as much for teachers and parents as it is for children. One problem I had was that some of the key stage 1 children were a little bit scared by the whole idea of Halloween, so I wanted to write a song that explained the fun behind it and to help them understand that it is all about dressing up and make believe. So hopefully the video isn't too scary but is a fun way to learn about what Halloween is and why we shouldn't be afraid...

We had lots of fun in the studio (in our producer Ian's flat) recording the track, and on set (in my flat) shooting it!! Any guesses on the musical inspiration behind the song? Get in touch via the questionnaire to win a prize for guessing the correct musical influence!

Have fun and happy singing - and get ready for the Bonfire Night song which will be out in a few days time!! I've also included the basic chords with the lyrics below to help out any of you who might like to have a play along.

Happy Halloweening - Andy


If you see a ghost delivering post

Or a ghoul floating past your school If you see a bat with a terrible thirst It's October the 31st

On Halloween, nothing's as it seems On Halloween, you'll scream with fear But don't shed a tear, don't let the evil near On Halloween, on Halloween...

All over the streets are trick or treats Zombies and witches you'll meet Don't be afraid don't be scared just Make sure that you're prepared, The best way to be safe is candy & sweets For that's the only food they eat Light up your pumkins in your windows But don't lost in shadows

Chorus In the dark of night you'll get quite a fright From Creepy crawlies trying to bite You’ll hear strange sounds around in the air so Remember to take good care, They'll be monsters in masks and wizards with staffs Broomsticks and crackly laughs They'll be blood and gore all over the floor So remember what I said before....

Double Chorus out

---------------- Verse: Cm/Ab Bb/Gm Ab7/D7 G7#13 (x2) Chorus: Cm Cm7 Gm Gm7 (x2) Fm7 Fm7 G7#13 G7#13 Intro/reintro: Cm Cmb6 Cm6 Cmb6

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