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Bonfire Night

I hope that you all had lots of fun with the Halloween song and video - it was sooooooo much fun to write, record and shoot - and I think that Bracken's editing looks super spooky! The children seem to really enjoy it - and thankfully none have been too scared by it...

This is just a quick mid-week message to share our new song about the Gunpowder Plot. It includes a lot of the key facts about the infamous failed terrorist attack, and the children seem to really get stuck into the chorus in both key stage 1 and 2.

Good luck with the rest of the week, and I hope that your firework's nights are all lots of fun for everyone involved. I'm looking forward to getting my orange boiler suit and mask on to set fire to rather a large stash of entertaining explosives!!

Speak soon, and stay safe!



At the Duck and Drake met a Catholic gang

They didn't like King James so they hatched a plan

They wanted to be free but went to the extreme

This is the tale - of bonfire night...

On bonfire night they tried to light up the sky

And blow up the King in a ball of fire

But the fuse was never burned

Their plot was overturned

And that's why we light fireworks tonight

They rented a room under parliament

Rolled in thirty barrels in the dead of night

Filled with gunpowder there would be no survivors

This is the tale - of bonfire night...

Give a penny for the guy 'cos they all survived

On November the 5th back in 1605

Their leader from York was called Guy Fawkes

This is the tale - of bonfire night...

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