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So the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night is all over, and the next big thing in the diary is Christmas, so before we share with you our all-inclusive Christmas song ('For Every Boy and Girl') I thought it was time to release a song for EYFS and Key Stage 1 children.

'Toys' is a new song I wrote to try to help teach children about the power of sharing, and not just their Toys. I wanted to focus on how important it is to share your thoughts and worries with people that you trust.

I've found that this works with Key Stage 2 as well, but years 1-3 seemed to like it the most. I have found it a useful conversation starter to get classes to discuss their feelings, and have used it in circle time to talk about issues that the children have around bullying or friendship problems.

I hope that you like it, and that it helps you get your children talking and sharing their feelings more openly. And I hope that it doesn't get too stuck in your head - I had this as an ear-worm for a week after i wrote it and first started teaching the children...

Happy singing!




Tell me little boy, what's you're favourite toy

In the whole wide world,

Is it brand new or your grandmothers too

When she was a girl

Toys - can have feelings, Toys - can really care

Toys - are always there for you

They're even more powerful when they're shared (x2)

Tell me teddy bear, why are you scared

Of what's under the bed

Tell me little doll what is wrong

What are those tears you shed?

If you feel unloved, need someone to trust

& and hold tight in your arms

Find someone who cares, don't be scared

& you won't come to harm


Throwback to our Diversity Song which is also great for Anti-bullying week!

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