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Knights and Castle Times...

So the new term has just begun and I don't know about you, but I've had to register myself for a cheese addiction therapy course. I caught the port-infused Stilton trying to steal my car keys, and the Camembert performed a dirty protest in my fridge that led to the whole street being evacuated after multiple reports of people smelling gas and sewage forced the local authorities to step in.

Anyway, we're back all back in school now, so here at Singsongalong HQ we thought we might start off the new year with a bit of a bang to entertain all you teachers, parents and children out there. so please enjoy our Knights and Castles song 'Castle Times'. It was primarily designed for key stage 1 classes, but I have found that the key stage 2 assemblies really enjoy singing it too. there are lots of opportunities for creative actions, and the more reluctant male singers have come up with some great fun actions to go with some of the more violent images!

We are releasing a lyric-only video right now, but we are going to edit together a high-budget full action video to accompany this song later in the year, so keep an eye out for that! (A couple of sneak peek pics are here.) We hope you have had a fantastic start to the year so far, and that you have a song filled year of fun and learning ahead!


There was a time a while ago, when kings still sat on thrones

Knights still rode on horses, & dogs still gnawed on bones When castles had a draw-bridge, with archers on each wall Wild boar roamed in forests, & nobody was very tall



If your only suit was armour, your only heat was fire

You'd never had a pillow, & you called your master squire You're in the Middle Ages, you'd better toughen up ‘Cos if you act too crazy, you'll end up in the stocks

Our well is running empty, we've eaten our supplies The toilets are getting stinky, ‘cos our enemy’s outside, Our young are scared & crying, our old are tired & weak If no one comes to save us, we’ll have to start eating our feet

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