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The robot bits..

So the new year is well under way and the weather seems to have decided to give us a hit of proper winter. Some of you may be experiencing that after holiday lull, and your children may be picking up on that and struggling to stay in line quietly outdoors in the cold.

Do not fear, singsongalong is here to help you motivate your classes with our brand new ROBOTS video. It is primarily about robots, however the message within it focuses on trying to line up and follow the rules do that they have more time for fun and learning.

I've found it useful to hum the chorus when trying to get classes to get into line or stay on target whilst moving around the school to and from assemblies of music lessons in the music room.

I hope you like the video that Bracken has made and that the song is useful both in classes and assemblies alike. As ever, please like and share the video, and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven't already done so!

Take care and happy singing!



The better you do the robot bits the more you can dream

& learn about everything,

The quicker you do the soldier stuff believe in me

Life we be much less boring, as you'll see

Line up, stand still, hold your tongue, keep up, don't run, freeze

Walk in, don't chat, one by one, sit down, quietly, please

Soldier must march silently, you can't whisper in war

Victories are won by teams, not waiting at the door

Robots rise together, turn to your left as one

Metal sisters & brothers, number crunching chums,

Left then right feet forwards, all the way down the hall

Eyes ahead like you should, don't run or you'll fall


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