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It’s that time of year again. The heating has been on for a few weeks now, it’s getting dark before you leave school and the Christmas holidays seem miles away. There’s loads to do but you seem to have less energy... but do not fear - in the post Halloween depression we have something to look forward to - it’s bonfire night and I have just the song to help energise you and your children in the run up to it!

Our bonfire night song was a great hit last year, and some of the year 5s made up their own interpretive dance routine, so get on the channel, crank the volume up - and get in the mood to celebrate this autumn’s ancient failed London attack on parliament in style!

The song contains most of the key facts on a catchy melody that can help simultaneously entertain and educate your students. My KS1 children also love this song, and some of the sound effects took them by surprise the first time I tried it, so be aware!... happy singing, and I hope that your school's fireworks nights go off with a bang!!

See you soon with our brand new Remembrance Day song coming up very soon - bye!

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