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Made it!!!! So we’ve all survived our first weeks back at the coal face, and we’re still alive! So well done us – gold stars all round. I hope that our New Beginnings song was of some use to some of you for some of the time... So, onwards and upwards, grit your teeth, head down – and let’s keep it up, even though half term seems a long way away… But do not fear - we have a brand new song to cheers you and you children up! (Personally having just had an awesome singing assembly for year 4-6 I’m now buzzing again and looking forward to the year 1-3 one next week…)

So the latest news here from SingSongAlong HQ is that our creepy-crawlies song MINIBEASTS has just passed 100,000 views, and my own personal favourite ROMAN NUMERALS is now well over 200,000 views – so thank you everyone for all your support, and I hope that both continue to be fun learning and performing opportunities for you all! Please download the backing track, lyrics or piano charts from for both songs if you need them, and – as always – spread the word to your colleagues, children, parents etc.

As you may have guessed from the title of this blog, our new and exciting song to release upon the world. It’s a song that children of all ages really love getting stuck into – especially the very catchy and bouncy chorus DO THE TUDOR DANCE which hopefully all of you will be humming along to in the very near future! One of my choirs came up with a dancing-round-in-circles interlocking their arms on the chorus, so feel free to start choreographing - this one’s a dance after all! You may choose to make actions to go with the verbs and adjectives in the song, and make sure to take advantages of all the learning opportunities in the lyrics and on screen in the video. There’s lots of new vocabulary to get stuck into, and some interesting ideas to spark classroom debate and discussion, so make sure to stop the video to get the children interacting with the topic. And even if it’s not a history topic that your class are studying this term or year, it’s still a fun song about one of England’s most famous royal families. If you’re planning on visiting Hampton Court or any other famous Tudor historical sites then this song is ideal for consolidating the learning from the trip, and is perfect to sing to parents and peers to show off everything they’ve been earning about life in Tudor times as well as the main historical figures and events of the Tudor period.

I really hope that you like this one as much as I do - and as ever, please share with everyone who you think might like it, and download the backing track, lyrics and sheet music too! And let us know what others songs you might be interested, just email and us know!

Lots of love, and keep singing!! - Andy, BB and Ian.

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