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Stone-Age Stomp

Happy Sunday evening everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend in the lovely September sunshine and that you’re not dreading the looming Monday morning too much... but if you are, never fear - Andy from singsongalong’s blog is here!!

I hope that you all enjoyed have a go at the TUDOR DANCE song we released last week? It was lots of fun to write, record and shoot - so we hope that it is equally as fun for you and your children both in the classroom and on the stage?!

This summer I went on a few trips around the British isles from Devon all the way up to an island off the west coast of Scotland, and on the way I visited a few old rocks that seem to have been left by a baby giant playing games a few thousand years ago. I spent a lovely evening in Salisbury and took a trip to the brilliantly revamped Stonehenge. So inspiring was it, that I thought that I should come up with a little Stone Age ditty for you and your kids. Before I knew it, I’d accidentally written STONEAGE STOMP - so pull your loincloth up, grab a spear and a wooden club and get singing!!!

As ever, there is lots of topic info and key vocab, and there might be some ideas there for you to use for a performance too, so make sure to download the backing track so that the sweet voices in your class can be heard in all their stone age glory!!

Happy singing, and as always - share, subscribe and enjoy!!

Lots of love, Andy and the SSA team.

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