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...Tired of constantly asking children to take their fingers out of their mouths?

......Sick of telling children to stop sucking pencils, paintbrushes and beaters??

.........Bored of wiping drool and bogeys off kids faces???

LOOK NO FURTHER -- the singsongalong **GERMS** song is finally here!!!!

The song was crafted mainly as a response to having to repeatedly warn EYFS and Key Stage 1 students about the perils of putting things in their mouths - particularly in the music room at my old school, which was very large, and therefore had at least 300 children passing through it each week. As we all know - xylophone beaters, boom-whackers, drum sticks, ukuleles, tambourines and random percussion instruments are irresistible to the dribbling mouths of our younger students, and therefore public health warnings need to be issued with tedious regularity.

The GERMS hook can be used in line ups - whenever i see a child put their fingers in their mouths i 'whisper-sing' GERMS, GERMS, GERMS GERMS, clicking on the off beat, and the children then join in too. So luckily not only does it help them take their fingers out of their mouths but gives them something better to do with their often grubby little hands!!

This song and technique has helped me loads over the years of primary teaching so I hope that it's of use to you both in and out of the classroom - so happy singing, and lets keep those germs at bay!!

On a different note, Ian and I visited BB in Toronto over the Easter holiday and we did a little gig to promote the release of her latest solo single and video JUST KEPT WALKING - so check it out if you get a mo - the video (directed by the awesome AJ) is also seriously cool!! WE had a blast at the gig and managed to fit in a few meetings about potentially taking singsongalong into the world of TV animation - so watch this space!!

Lots of love to you all and speak soon - we have a few more song videos coming out very soon!!

Andy, BB and Ian

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