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So, what a lovely weekend of weather - I do love an Indian Summer!! Which leads us on nicely to our latest offering - a song to help you learn about all of the different continents.

This song is one of our longest and most ambitious yet - and has quite a lot of information in it, so I recommend if you're going to perform it live, maybe divide up your class into groups so that they only have to learn one verse each!!

This song takes us all on a journey around the planet in a hot air balloon so that we can see all of the different continents from high, high up in the sky... With some lovely string playing from our super special guest on this track Kath Mann!

I really hope that you like this tune, it's got a lovely hook in the chorus and the last verse ends on a touching note, so get those tissues ready for the families in the audience!

Good luck, and happy singing as ever!!

Lot's of love - Andy and the singsongalong team:)

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