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Evening all!

So following a surprisingly hot and glorious weekend for the time of year soon after the ever-growing and vitally important climate change protests, we are proud to present a song which helps us learn about and reflect on the impact we are having on our environment, and how the planet is reacting to our actions.

This song talks about all the different types of natural disasters on our planet. If you're interested in more, our popular POMPEII song brings to life one of the most catastrophic volcanoes in history. If you want to learn about the fate of our tropical Rainforests, RAINFOREST DREAMS offers some good information and starting points for group discussions. Similarly the fate of the oceans and our impact on them is highlighted in the UNDER THE SEA song, and if you are trying to educate your students about the importance of RECYCLING we have a song for that too! Coming up soon is a song that I have written specifically about CLIMATE CHANGE called 'It's getting hot in here', so watch this space for that song if it's a topic that means as much to you and your schools as it does to us here at singsongalong!

We hope that you really enjoy this song and that you can come up with some fun ways to perform it to peers and parents alike. Please get in touch to share you ideas, feedback and to let us know what other songs you'd like us to release next!

Have fun, happy singing, and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts:) Lot's of love from Andy and the team!

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