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Well, we hope you've enjoyed the new songs so far this year!

This one deals with the slightly more serious subject of E-Safety...

Teaching children about online security can be a very challenging issue and treading the line between making children of all ages aware of the potential dangers that are out there (whilst not scaring them too much) is difficult. Hopefully this song will be able to help you remind them of how they can stay safe online with some catchy hooks and memorable melodies that will stick in the heads long after they've left the safety of your classroom.

Hearing a year 3 class belt out 'NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR ADDRESS' at the tops of their voices whilst wagging their fingers disapprovingly in the air is quite a sight to behold, but I think it really has helped a number of my students realize the importance of digital safety.

I have sung it with year 2 up to year 6 classes in assemblies and they all find the chorus very easy to join in on. The verses are easy too, and there's some important key vocab in there - so happy singing, and I hope that it helps with a potentially tricky subject to deal with effectively and sensitively.

All the best, from Andy and the SSA team!!

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