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So this week we are proud to release our newest song about the ancient Mayan civilisation. It features a debut performance to our newest recruit, Ivy aged 9 from year 4 at Princess Frederica School. She helped create the actions for the chorus so get your arms warmed up and start singing!

This song was requested by a year 3 teacher last year and the whole school now knows the song and thoroughly enjoy singing it nice and loud with their hands above their heads.

It covers some of the key info that they learnt when they were studying the ancient Mayans. It's lots of fun to sing and easy to put your own actions to the verses too. In fact one class dressed up as the characters that the song describes.

I am going to start publishing assembly scripts to go with the songs so that teachers can get their classes to act out what they have been learning for their families as well as sing them their new songs too, so let me know if there are any particular assembly play subjects you'd like me to get going on first!

Lots of love from us all at the singsongalong team and thanks again to our new star - Ivy!!

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