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FRENCH SONG video re-release + new sheet music for REMEMBRANCE DAY, BONFIRE NIGHT and DIVERSITY song

French Song!

It's the last weekend before the well-earned half term holidays, so to help you think about a trip to Paris for the weekend, or distant memories of Summer holidays spent camping in the south of France, here's our little song to help teach your students a little bit of FRENCH!!

Also, as there are a few important dates in the diary coming up, we are proud to make available some new 'easy-to-play' sheet music for you to use to help you sing/perform the songs with your schools...

On November the 5th is BONFIRE NIGHT so I thought I'd dust of my transcribing skills and get the music and lyrics available for those of you who tickle the ivories to get playing. It also includes the chords, so if you play Guitar or Ukulele it should be useful too. Above is a sneak preview of what it looks like!

Hot on the heels (ha!) of Bonfire night is the more sombre occasion of REMEMBRANCE DAY. We have had a lot of requests for sheet music for this song, so we are really happy to get this out there for you to enjoy. Again, I have transcribed a super simple piano accompaniment, but I personally love playing at least the first half of this song on the Ukulele before moving to the piano. But please feel free to use the chord symbols and music however suits you and your singers best!

Finally, as this month is Black History month, we have produced sheet music with lyrics and chords for our DIVERSITY SONG which helps tackle some very difficult issues in a positive interactive way.

Hope you enjoy the sheet music, and have fun with French Song - remember to get in touch with us if you have any requests and have a lovely last week at school before the half term holidays!!

See you soon! From Andy and the singsongalong team:)

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