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ROMANS ASSEMBLY SCRIPT! Plus Halloween and Bonfire Night songs

Here at Singsongalong HQ we are proud to release our first original ASSEMBLY SCRIPT for you all!

It features the popular ROMAN NUMERALS song and includes 30 different characters to ensure that no-one in the class is left out of the show!

(Although don't worry, some of the parts are small enough for children to double up if you have a smaller class!)

It was devised with direct assistance from primary school teachers and includes all of the key information that is covered in the KS2 History curriculum. It is aimed at Year 3/4 classes but could easily be up-levelled or simplified if needed.

The cast is split into two main groups; citizens and the military, with the Emperor on a throne in the middle. He is assisted in telling the story of the Romans in Britain by well-known characters such as Centurions, Gladiators, Slaves, not to mention Celts, Picts, Boudicca's Iceni and Welsh Druids as well.

We really think that the format of this script should make it easy for you to make notes for your student actors and to make changes as and where you deem necessary.

We can't wait to see some footage, or even a live performance (if we can get out of our schools to come and visit!) so download it now and have fun! You can buy the script alone or as a package with the backing track, sheet music and lyric sheets too.

Also - remember to use our HALLOWEEN song on October 31st, and don't forget our BONFIRE NIGHT song, which has sheet music available for purchase on the website too.

So happy singing AND acting!!

Byeeeee from the Singsongalong team:)

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