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Do Your Best (test stress song)

We hope that you all enjoyed the Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities and that your Remembrance Day commemorations went really well, and we hope that our songs may have helped with one or all of these significant dates.

So, as the prospect of end of term tests and exams loom large in the wintry near-distance, here's a video of a song that I wrote to help children who are concerned about their SATs in both year 2 and year 6.

This song can help start dialogue between teachers, students and parents alike, and is designed to avoid children getting too distressed about tests. I have found that excessive nerves can lead to children giving up or not even trying at all. This song emphasises the importance of trying your best no matter what.

The lyrics also raise the importance of sleeping and eating well, doing your homework, showing your working out and maintaining a positive attitude. There are some clear images to assist the younger students to understand some of the trickier words. Some of my classes have (as ever) created actions to go with the choruses and verses alike, so get singing and encourage your students to do as well as they can in everything that they do!

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