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Reading Song - solution for festive activity & gift inspiration

Finding it hard to encourage students to read more books...?

...Unsure what to recommend for parents and children to do over the winter holidays......??

......Struggling to improve the reading and understanding skills of your primary class children..........???

Well, worry not! The brand new Singsongalong READING SONG is here to save the day!!

It aims to encourage people of all ages to read more, share books, help their friends and family members, and generally get more people into books.

So hopefully it will get more children reading, and sharing book, will help families to think more about books as presents and an alternative entertainment source to screens, and will help improve guided reading levels throughout primary school year groups.

we hope that you all have had a great year of singing, and remember t get in touch with song topic ideas for us. And Also share any videos or recordings of performances too - and maybe we can make a video with you and some of your students.

Have a wonderful break and happy new year in advance, and we look forward to sharing more songs with you all in 2020. Please share our songs with your friends, colleagues and families, and keep in touch with us by subscribing to the youtube channel.

Seasonal best wishes - Andy and the SingSongAlong team!!

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