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Welcome one and all to the start of a brand new decade! I hope that you all enjoyed your break over the holiday and managed to get through the first week back at the office safe and sound...

So we're kicking off the 20-20's with a song about the importance of the ancient art of APOLOGY.

Particularly around primary playtimes, I have found that dealing with disagreements, tears and tantrums can be truly exhausting. This song attempts to help children to think about how their own actions affect others, and to encourage them to take time to consider the thoughts and feelings of others. Which, as we all know, can be difficult...

I have tried to get children to understand why it's important to say sorry, even if you think you don't need to. I hope that the lyrics can be a good starting point for discussions about how we deal with anger, frustration, disagreements, sadness and all sorts of negative emotions, both in and outside of the school environment.

I am hoping to help students understand that even if it wasn't your fault, saying sorry can help others to feel better, and that saying sorry itself is not necessarily a statement of guilt or an acceptance of responsibility. I hope that this song, if nothing else, helps us all to consider the impact of our actions and words on those around us.

Coming up next week is our new CLIMATE CHANGE song - which I hope you will all really enjoy, so watch this space!

As ever, keep in touch - request songs and resources, and happy singing in this brand new decade:)

From Andy and the Singsongalong team

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