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Coronavirus Song

Happy Monday Morning!! It seems very quiet outside, the sun is shining and I'm still in bed... Something must be wrong! If you're a teacher, student, parent or carer you must be waking up to a similarly different world too. Well here is a song to try to help you all get through the next few weeks or months...

Just over a week ago (which now seems like ancient history) Bracken was in London visiting friends in the UK and Europe. What great timing you may say... Anyway, whilst I was waiting for her to arrive at the studio (Ian was doing the washing up) I remembered that one of my music teacher colleagues had said that we should do a Coronavirus song... Well, I got to straight to work - wrote it then and there, recorded it with Ian, and as soon as Bracken arrived she nailed the vocals in a few takes and all it needed to finish off was for her to edit a video. Unfortunately she also needed to buy a new computer (due to a water-laptop incident that we shan't mention) and she needed to somehow get herself back to Canada... Which she only just managed (last flight to Toronto before they stopped them!) Anyway, to cut a long story short, just over a week later - here it is: our brand new Coronavirus Kids Song!

We made it to try to help kids, parents, families, teachers and the health services around the world by reinforcing positive ways of dealing with the outbreak whilst providing a fun song to sing and dance to dance if you're trapped inside. We managed to get children from the UK, USA, Canada and Germany to dance on the video so thanks so much to them! We're working on a new song to assist with transitioning to learning from home, the current working title is the Self-Isolation Learning Song, so hopefully we can get that out to you in a week or so.

Please let us know if we can provide any other content to help you all at this crazy time. We want to be here as a team, and just want to help out as much as we can from our separate homes. We're thinking of you all during this weird time, but we firmly believe that some good things can come out of this whole experience. We are currently working on a Self-Isolation Learning Song so watch this space for more content to lend you all a helping hand soon!

Lots of love from us all at SSA - take care of yourselves, and make the right choices. Even if they feel hard - Andy.

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