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Hi everyone. There seems to be a few small positives that are emerging as we are all starting to acclimatise to our new way of life for the foreseeable future, and that is the impact that this pandemic is having upon our climate.

I have seen more stars from my London garden at night than I can remember. The air seems cleaner, I wake up to bird song every morning and there is less light pollution and noise pollution. Less anger pollution from drivers arguing on the streets, less rubbish on the streets and far fewer planes in the sky - whole days have gone by where I haven't seen a single streak of smoke cut across the sky. The planet itself seems to be thoroughly enjoying having a bit of a break from us humans, and long may it continue!

This song will hopefully drive home the importance of maintaining our awareness of our impact upon our environment and aims to keep us on our toes so that we don't start getting complacent again once it's all over. Hopefully we can all keep our carbon footprint to a minimum in the aftermath of the virus. I for one am seriously considering reducing the amount of travel I have been doing, in all forms.

Time spend in the back garden has been great for me in the wonderful weather we've been enjoying, so Teachers and Parents - use this song to hep keep up the dialogue about our collective responsibility to maintain the health of our home. Now more than ever, we are starting to really contemplate the importance of community spirit and helping each other and ourselves out.

Thanks for all the support from you guys out there - we shall be unleashing a new 'Working from home' song this time next week, and I am also working on a 'Washing your hands' song too! Remember our GERMS song can help with this as well:)

Look after yourselves and each other - and keep singing!!

Love from Andy and the SSA gang.

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