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Sing at home, take a trip to... SINGING-LAND

Hi there all,

We hope that you all managed to have a very happy Easter holiday and that for the first time in a while you're all actually looking forward to school starting again once this is all safely over! Which leads me to present our latest musical offering - the SINGING-LAND song!

This is a tune that you can share with your students online to encourage them to keep singing (and dancing) at home with their families. It's one of my personal favourites and features some cool rock-guitar soloing from IAN near the end, so keep an ear out! Hopefully it's a song that everyone can learn separately (you could maybe even try it in a group Zoom singalong), then when we all finally return to schools you can sing it together as a class or even in an assembly!

Please send in any funny videos of you and/or your students performing along with the track - BB is currently hard at work editing a SELF-ISOLATION SOCIETY song video that should be coming your way very soon, so watch this space!

Take care of yourselves, keep safe and stay well - and keep singing!! Love from Andy and the SINGSONGALONG team.

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