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Hey all you Self-Isolators out there,

Here's a little song to raise a smile and get you all singing at home - hopefully most of you teachers and parents should recognise the original tune that I adapted for a bit of fun:)

It was designed to help with getting into a routine but I imagine that you're all pretty much set up into a weird lock-down rhythm of your own by now!! It might be able to help re-enforce your schedule with children at home and might be something nice to share with students and parents to help them get through this stressful and divisive time that we're currently living through.

With any luck it might just lift the boredom a little and help children to focus on tasks that might seem a bit overwhelming for students, parents and teachers alike!

I've written a little song about HOME-SCHOOL RULES that i'm going to try to release next week too - so I look forward to sharing that with you soon.

For any musicians who are enjoying the GERMS song, i've also created some easy piano and vocals sheet music so have a look at the website and download that or the backing track too if you want to try it without the vocals!

So stay safe and well, keep singing - and we look forward to getting in touch again next week, from Andy, Ian and BB.

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