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Hello and welcome to our latest EYFS and Key Stage 1 song - COLOURS!!

It's my first attempt at making a video entirely on my own - and features some gorgeous original background illustrations by Victoria Kay (creator of the superb 'little books of calm colouring').

It's a fun little song that I use at the start or end of assemblies as the children quite like singing the 'Do-Do' Outro bit on repeat...

I will be creating an easy piano and vocal sheet music for you to buy via the website if you're interested - or just simply share the video with your classes online while we are all teaching remotely.

I will be releasing my SEASONS song next week with some more lovely illustrations, so I hope that you like that too:)

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and please check out all the videos on our Youtube channel for inspiration to help you and yours through these trying times.

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